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Submitted on: Aug 17, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Race and Class
Human Death Knight
Please post a link to a recent WoL or equivalent of current raid content. If you do not provide parses, your application will be rejected. All of my parses are here, most of them further back

What is your preferred raiding spec? Please describe your Talent Point choices in detail. What glyphs do you use and why?

My preferred spec right now is Unholy, but I really enjoy tanking as blood and would be up for that. I have always loved unholy a lot more then frost, and now that it is viable in Dragon Soul I can actually play it competitively. Currently my talents are pretty basic. Everything is good to take except for Desecration, Resilient Infection, and Death's Advance. These are mostly for mobility in PVP situations, not taking for PVE. The glyphs I use are also cookie cutter, Scourge Strike, Raise Dead, and Deathcoil. These are used because Deathcoil and Scourge Strike are my top damage, and they benefit from the increase. And then my Pet is a HUGE portion of my dps as unholy. Mainly because he is up 100% and of the Glyph. The other glyphs are chosen because all of the other ones are mainly for PVP.

Please describe your rotation/priority list in detail. Tanks: What is your rotation for maximum threat? When do you consider using your cool downs? Healers: What abilities do you use when you're tank healing? Raid healing? When do you use your cool downs?

My priority list is to get my pet to 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion asap and then Dark Transformation, after that its all about keeping diseases up, then scourge strike, deathcoil and festering strike in that order. Death and decay will be used with aoe fights, as well as spamming blood boil in heavy aoe situations. As for cooldowns, for big magic damage, pop Anti-magic Shield, and general damage use icebound fortitude.

What are your primary professions? Are they maxed? Why did you choose these professions?

My professions are Jewelcrafting and Engineering. I chose these purely for DPS and nothing else. They are great stat increases.

Do you have Ventrilo?


How did you hear about us? Do you have any references within the guild?

I saw fearnots videos a while back and have been talking with him on RealID for a while.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave? (Be specific):

My previous guild is Dishonor Elite. And i just dont think that they will have what it takes to progress in mists of pandaria. There is alot of people that dont seem ready to buckle down and make the kills.

What is your current and previous raid experience? Please include prior characters, and be specific (ex. 15/15 Naxx, Sarth +3, ICC25 11/12 HM):

I played VERY casually in wrath and just came back in cata. I raided on my hunter for some of T11, but didnt really make a comeback untill the end of Firelands, where i changed mains to my Deathknight. Once DS hit i went hard into the paint and have acheived everything possibly out of dragon soul.

How did/do you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

I first learned from elitist jerks, but i then realized that they can be very biased and outdated. Now i mostly experiment with my own character on live and/or beta realms.

Please post a picture of your User Interface using the following website, with all relevant keybindings shown. If your UI does not convey all of your important keybindings, elaborate Please list your major mods (DBM, Big Wigs, etc). Alot of mods, bartender, pitbull, grid, ForteXorcist. and many other cosmetic and functional mods.

What is your availability? Are you able to make all raid days and times? (Mon-Thurs, 7:30p-11:30p CST)

I am available to make all raid times unless i get held up at work, which may happen on a rare occasion. Especially in January when i return to school. Ill for sure be able to make times then.

How old are you? Do you consider yourself mature?

I am 19 years old, and yes I am mature. I love to joke around in down time but during progression its all business.

Tell us about yourself (job, school, lifestyle, etc):

Im currently working at Menard's in my hometown. I am attending SCC in nebraska starting in january for auto body. I usually play a couple hours each day, sometimes the occasional all dayer. I have a girlfriend of 1 year and she is more important to me then anything, especially wow. but i always put my all into this game.

What do you expect from us?

I expect a good and fair trial from you. and no unnecessary disrespect. But if i fuck up, ill take the heat.

Why do we want you?

You want me because i bring a lightness to the raid that will keep spirits up, I keep up to date with current class info, and i have a great memory for mechanics and class operations.

Additional information:

Just want to say thankyou for looking at my app and i hope to see you in the future. :)

Please save and post a result from both of the following websites: Ping yourself from the Chicago Data Center for both.
What is your Real ID contact information?


Death knight? What's a death knight?
1) That is a screenshot of a shadow priest, not a death knight.
2) Can you log out in your dps gear, or is your primary role in dragon soul tanking?
3) Reason why your gloves don't have an engineer tinker on them?
1) That is a screenshot of a shadow priest, not a death knight

my UI is the same over all of my chars no matter what roll they play =P. Except grid is larger on my paladin.
Sorry about that screenshot, here is one of my DK, although they are the same. As for my blood gear, I logged out accidentally in it. My main role throughout Dragon Soul was dps. But I have kept a solid set of blood gear in the case that a tank couldn't make it. I have had to tank 8/8 25m heroic a few times due to tanks having IRL issues. I am pretty confident in my ability to tank. I went ahead and logged out in my main spec and gear, which is BiS. The reason my gloves didnt have a tinker on them is because i just recently got the gloves for blood and haven't logged on my DK too much in the passed few weeks.
Oh god you're a friend of fears? /instajudge.

Also i really think we need to add a section in the app about bout being harassed in vent. Question like "CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT?!"
I actually just read this and saw that you're a bondo bitch. /lol@you.

Anyway, I told Lodgers that we dont really need any more melee but that we do need a lock/boomkin/holy paladin/dk(preferably one that can tank), we have access to everything else at the moment but all of those classes and specs are going to be strong and possibly needed going into MoP raiding. I know that we have 2 solid and reliable tanks....but you're both fucking prot warriors.

Unlike Glaciuz, who was more or less someone to take a chance on for MoP, Lodgers had actually cleared heroic 8/8 in a semi-meaningful time frame. His kills place the kill about 2 weeks behind SNM and about 1-1/2 months behind us.

It's something to consider tho, we have roughly 1 month before MoP hits and then 1 week before we start raiding. We need to really settle down and look our raid core over and see what we need comp wise. God help us if we get another halfus type 10 man fight where we get cockblocked because we don't have enough tanks or healers early on.
All of these things considered, are we really capable of taking in another melee without gimping our raid? Outlook says no, and Glacius/Xulu/Nuvian will most likely be in on every progression fight in MoP simply because they are ranged. That will leave a spot for 2-3 melee, assuming 2 tanks and 2-3 healers. Yes we will need a bench, and yes we will be rotating, but the magical damage end of our raid is currently weak and I think a Warlock or Boomkin has higher priority than a DK.

Unless you guys want me to switch to Boomkin for Mists!!!!!
So looking over the logs, it seems you are doing a lot of 10N the past few weeks, and I had to go back over a month to find a 25H log with you in it(I might have missed some in between).

Is there some reason for this?
Well, like I said, I told him we dont really need a melee DPS. But we - do - need a dk tank. We really need a tank that isn't a prot warrior...and out of all of the other options a DK would be best. I dunno, just my 2 cents. AINT MY CALL
Yes Zax, the reason is because my guild planned on GDKP for the past few months, but it didnt work out. So the guild has been taking a "break" for a while. Which is pretty dumb. I dont really need anything from ds on my DK so ive been playing my elemental shaman and ive become very geared on it. I actually have a boomkin that was RaFd specifically for MoP. and I plan on leveling it right after my DK in MoP

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