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Submitted on: Oct 05, 2008 at 10:31 AM
Race and Class
Night Elf Hunter
What mods do you use for raids?

a lot like omen, xpearl, deadlyboss mods, dmg meters and so on.

List the consumables you use for raids:

Flask of relentless assault and agi



Tell us about yourself:

I am from Russia and i like to play wow : D

What do you expect from us?

Fun and friends and end game content of course :D

Have you read the guild's rules & policies?


What is your preferred raiding spec?

I can change to anything you want me to be but I am BM atm

Do you have Ventrilo?


Do you consider yourself mature? How old are you?

Yes, 17

Do you have any references within the guild?


What are your professions? Are they maxed?

LW and Enchanting, both over 200

Previous Guilds:

Athenas Avatars, Malice, For those bout to rock

Raid Experience:

Everything under Sunwell but i can dps it

Do you have prior raid experience with additional characters? If so, please list and elaborate.


How did you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?



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This guy whispered me this morning. He is under-geared and had some questionable answers about stats. He said his raid xp was everything up to sw...his gear doesnt say so. then i asked again and he said well most of bt. then he said he didnt really down much in yeah.

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