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Fearl Druid Talzien

Submitted on: Oct 02, 2008 at 07:39 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Druid
Armory Link:

Do you have Ventrilo?


Do you consider yourself mature? How old are you?

Yes Mature. I am 27 Years Old.

Do you have any references within the guild?

Asked Veneer. He told me to apply along with Rizk

What are your professions? Are they maxed?

Tailor Go, Go, magic Carpet RIDE! XPAC for the win./ Enchanter Yes on both accounts. All enchants from game but 4

Previous Guilds:

Reckless Ambition. Helscreem
Project Nemisis Malfurion

Raid Experience:

Black Temple. To Illidian. Have Fire Res gear for Illidian.

Sunwell Platu. Brutalls.

Do you have prior raid experience with additional characters? If so, please list and elaborate.

Hunter. Yes up through SSC and TK. ALT.

How did you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

I have been playing my druid for 206 in game days. I have played as Fearl for over 1 year now and yes kept up with my class and all changes that are to come. Fearl Tank for the win.

Before that I was Resto. Resto through Kara and SSC until guild needed a Fearl Tank. I won the role :)

What mods do you use for raids?

Anything the guild requires I will run. BossKillers/ Natures Cast Bar/ CT Raid/ CT buff/ Atlas Loot/Outfitter/ORA 2/ BIG WIGS / Little WIGS. OMEN UP TO Date ALWAYS !

List the consumables you use for raids:

SWP Bloodberry Elixir if DPS. IF TANKING Flask of Fort. or Shattrath Flask of Fort. IF DPS Relentless Assault. When Elixir's apply i use Elixir of Mastery, Major Agility, Fortitude. I use pots as needed. Also an added bonus for my class is Adamantite Weighstone. It adds weapon dmg +12 and 14 Crit Rating. to my staffs. FOOD BUFFS. Spicy Crawdad +30 STAM / and +20 STAM food for whatever / Ravager DOG / Warp Burger / Any buffs needed and all buffs needed i use.


All week. I am in the Army and I am recovering from Gun shot to my Back. I will be available for the next 16 moths every night.

Additional info:

I want to grow with an end game guild that will raid seriously and attempt to become one of the top guilds come WoTLK. I am on beta and I am working my class. I know my job and will never let you down. I believe in Loyalty and Dedication before gossip and slander. IF this is what you want in a Guild member and a Valued tank / dps I am your Druid.

What do you expect from us?

I expect the best. I expect it from myself and seek it in others.

"Silentium est a civitas of mens"

your spam protection answer is 42. It is the answer to Life, the universe, and Everything. (HHGTTG)

Have you read the guild's rules & policies?

I have and agree



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