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Submitted on: Apr 29, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Race and Class
Gnome Mage
Please post a link to a recent WoL or equivalent of current raid content. If you do not provide parses, your application will be rejected.
What is your preferred raiding spec? Please describe your Talent Point choices in detail. What glyphs do you use and why?

My preferred raiding spec is Arcane. I do have an off spec Fire that I'm comfortable using. My Arcane talent spec is focused on doing the most damage possible with little to none utility talents. I am comfortable changing it if need be.

Please describe your rotation/priority list in detail. Tanks: What is your rotation for maximum threat? When do you consider using your cool downs? Healers: What abilities do you use when you're tank healing? Raid healing? When do you use your cool downs?

Mana Conservation (general rotation)

Arcane Blastx4 (sometimes 5 depending on current mana)
Arcane Missiles
Arcane Barrage

Burst phase (Cooldowns)

I use Arcane Power + Mana Gem (+ any other cooldowns if up, aswell as combo a Volcanic Potion).

With the Mage 4 piece set bonus I can add a Arcane Power into my Mana conservation phase in between each Burst phase.

What are your primary professions? Are they maxed? Why did you choose these professions?

Tailoring 525 (Wanted to get the back enchant

Enchanting 478 (Wanted to enchant my rings with +40 intellect, overall 80 intellect boost to my dps)

I already have my DK as a max enchanter so I figured there is no point for me to level it past 475.

Do you have Ventrilo?


How did you hear about us? Do you have any references within the guild?

I got in contact with Fearnot in a LFR. I was on an my alt DK, we tanked together. I noticed how geared he was and I was curious about Play's plans for MoP.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave? (Be specific):

The Patriots (current)
Damage Plan (home of my alts before I got my Mage into a raiding guild)

What is your current and previous raid experience? Please include prior characters, and be specific (ex. 15/15 Naxx, Sarth +3, ICC25 11/12 HM):

Current: 3/8 10mH 4/8 25mH (T13).

Cataclysm: 4/13H 10m (T11), 6/7H 10m (T12).

WotLK: Cleared all regular raids and up to 6/12H ICC and excluding Ulduar content (I took a break).

BC: Cleared all content except for KTS in TK eye and only first 2 bosses in sunwell.

How did/do you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

MMO-Champion for updates.
Multiple forums on the WoW website.
elitist jerks.
Rawr Application.
Askmrrobot (When I started).

Please post a picture of your User Interface using the following website, with all relevant keybindings shown. If your UI does not convey all of your important keybindings, elaborate Please list your major mods (DBM, Big Wigs, etc).

Keybindings = "Q" is Counterspell and "E" is Polymorph

Addon List (I like to keep my UI simple and organized)

Combustion Helper (when I play fire)
Yorsahj Automatic RWs
Elphies Interupt Say

What is your availability? Are you able to make all raid days and times? (Mon-Thurs, 7:30p-11:30p CST)

I am able to attend those raid times. They work with my schedule.

How old are you? Do you consider yourself mature?

I am 17 currently turning 18 in June. I consider myself mature, I like to pride myself for it.

Tell us about yourself (job, school, lifestyle, etc):

No job currently, grade 12 High School student. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and hang out with friends on the weekend.

What do you expect from us?

I expect to gain further skill as a Mage, as a player and as a raider.

Why do we want you?

I am a skilled player and a raider. I am a over-achiever and put my all into everything even WoW. I try my hardest. I like to take down everything I stand up against and I constantly want to be ahead.

Additional information:

Applying for a MoP raid spot (can realm change sooner then MoP release if need be).

Please save and post a result from both of the following websites: Ping yourself from the Chicago Data Center for both.
What is your Real ID contact information?


Told this guy to app after talking to him for a while. Like he mentioned I met him in LFR and he didn't seem like the typical baddie you find in there.

I think given his current progression and gearing, his logs dont look terrible. While recruiting him for current raiding would make him a gear project that we don't really want....I think this guy might not be a total loss for a MoP pickup.

I say at least talk to him and get odyzs take on the guy.
Well since odyz is done when pandas hits (assuming that is still true) Mage wouldn't be a bad thing.
Given currently a senior in high school that means graduation from high school soon. With MoP being after said thing, I'm looking for some sort of re-assurance of a plan forward(Simple thing to state basically of you don't see it as a problem to raid while going to college or with getting a job, or your parents are filthy, rich or a combination of the two and you're going to stay home all day)

Second thing, what about alts?
If hes filthy rich, he should buy his way into Play with MoPs for everyone \o/
In terms of college / university I have no idea yet what I plan on going in for so I will be taking a break off school to figure that out. If I were to get a job it would be part time, either morning shifts on weekdays or on the weekend. My parents aren't filthy rich so we hardly ever go on trips, they also don't restrict my play time in any way. In terms of my alts I currently have 1 of each class at 85, I plan on leveling them all to 90 in MoP as well as a Monk, maybe not right away but eventually. I am comfortable trying anything new and switching toons if needed for current progression / fulfillment of raid spots.
everything looks good for me. Although I am a little worried how few binds you have.
Although I am a little worried how few binds you have.

well he is playing arcane. Thats like what....2 spells?
eh holy paladin is 1 spell and I have lots of keybindings muhahaha
Rotation is definitely lacking some of the more intricacies of the spec (it's actually quite complicated) When and how many ab's (there is never a set number), using ap during conserve based on fights, flame orb etc etc

Key bindings definitely scare me but again that's personal preference but having to click 3 spells that are all over your bindings just to pop your cd's seems annoying. Having slow bound when it's applied through ab is a waste as is having a mount bound. I could nitpick all day but again it's personal preference, but having your cd's bound is almost a must in my book.

I'd be curious to see what you use to track your cd's and what timers you have.

Logs look decent, reforging looks good, horrible transmog though

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