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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Race and Class
Draenei Paladin
Please post a link to a recent WoL or equivalent of current raid content. If you do not provide parses, your application will be rejected.
What is your preferred raiding spec? Please describe your Talent Point choices in detail. What glyphs do you use and why?

My preferred raiding spec really depends on what I'm preferring to do. I have 2 main specs.

0/31/10 (tanking spec for maximum damage)

This spec sacrifices some small survivability in the form of a weak WoG in favor for a stronger consecrate and a third rank in "Rule of Law" in the second level of the ret tree (5% more crit on CS, HoTR, and WoG).

0/31/9 (slightly better self heals, less damage).

This is the same spec as before except dropping two points into "Guarded by the Light" (10% stronger WoG heal + shield = Amount of overhealing WoG does). You gain these points from Hallowed ground (improved consecrate) and Rule of Law (see first spec listed).

Please describe your rotation/priority list in detail. Tanks: What is your rotation for maximum threat? When do you consider using your cool downs? Healers: What abilities do you use when you're tank healing? Raid healing? When do you use your cool downs?

Single Target

Crusader Strike -> Shield of the Righteous
This is the core of the rotation. I also keep avengers shield off cool down as much as possible. Judging is used to give you the best chance of SoTR crits (example judging when at 3 hopo with a SoRT proc already up is a waste of GCD). This is largely done by assuring that you never gain three Hopo and SoTR WITHOUT USING A JUDGEMENT OR SHIELD. Since our 100% SoTR proc is based on rng from those two abilities all you can is set yourself up for the best odds. Consecration is used purely as a GCD filler only to be used in light of wasted time


For Large scale whelp tanking or cleave tanking the rotation mostly remains the same except 2 major changes.
1) Switching out Crusader strike for Hammer of the righteous. CS is a single target hitting ability while hammer while hit everything within a 8 yeard distance of your initial target.

2) For whelp packs replacing SoTR with inquisition. For multitude of adds with low hp your more concerned with damage/threat on all mobs than a single one. While 3 hopo will only give you a 10 second inquisition buff the boost it gives your hammer and consecration is worthwhile.


Holy shield - This is a "use it on CD" buff when tanking physical hits. If you are in a fight where a whelp pack in only up on you for a short time consider holding off on using it for that moment.

Divine Protection - Saved for regular big hits at intervals (example, physic scream on warlord zoz). If the fight is lacking on regular interval hits use it on CD.

Ardent Defender - Emergency CD, save this for moments when you dip low or for mechanics that can one shot you (solo soaker a onslaught on H blackthown, or impale on H madness).

Gaurdian of the Ancient kings. This is a cooldown that I generally try to have a preplanned moment to use it. Due to it's large CD and damage reduction it's highly useful for painful moments. Example, a purple combo on H yor or between the 5th-6th tendon burns on H spine.

Divine guardian - 20% damage reduction to the raid (does not effect caster). great Cooldown for raid damage. Requires good timing due to much shorter duration then all over tank raid cooldowns. I generally will ask raid leader for a time to use this ability.

What are your primary professions? Are they maxed? Why did you choose these professions?

Enchanting - 525
Jewelcrafting - 525

Enchating was chosen for both personal use and ease during wrath and I kept it so. Jewelcrafting was chosen in the same expansion for it's highly useful stat boosting gems.

Do you have Ventrilo?


How did you hear about us? Do you have any references within the guild?

I posted a looking for paid transfer thread on the forums and Jumpingbear replied with a guild spam. I should take this moment to also say I am not alliance so a faction change would also be required.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave? (Be specific):

For the sake of simplicity I will list the raiding guilds I've been in this xpac I was in a few casual guilds (aka out of trade or none raiding guilds I was just hanging out in).

Caution tape - Left due to entire healing core of the 25 man leaving at once and raiding ceased for a time.
Ruin - Left due to guild downsizing from 25 mans to 10 mans.
Yarg - Left due to guild changing sched a week after I joined
Blacklisted - Left to due going very casual after t12 (they have 1 or maybe 2 heroics down atm)

Silhouette - Left due to depressing and whining raid leadership and a confusing episode where due to a tank thread being bumped for days and the "main" warrior tank and raid leader not telling anyone he was suddenly leaving out of the blue. I made a post looking for a new guild and tensions arose from it.

Conspiracy - Left due to guild breaking down over inability to kill H madness after a single week. Also initial stress from inability to get H spine kill before the nerfs. Top dpser quit and the guild leadership was both depressed and apathetic.

I am being totally honest about my guilds. I understand it's alot but truly it has not brought me any joy to have had so much moving. I want more than anything a guild I can stay in for a long time (which I had in wrath/tbc).

What is your current and previous raid experience? Please include prior characters, and be specific (ex. 15/15 Naxx, Sarth +3, ICC25 11/12 HM):

I will answer this all in one go since I have a spam setup for this very question.

I took a year long break before coming back to cata about 3-4 months after it came out.
Raiding Experience:
a.) Raiding experience – pre-TBC: None, I started playing with TBC.

b.) Raiding experience – TBC: (FOOTNOTE) I played this xpac on my rogue allmost entirely only leveling my paladin at the end so all exp is given to my rogue.

Cleared SSC and TK when they were relevant progression. After that I stopped raiding fulltime. I did do pre-final boss clears BT and hyjal zones. before the 30% debuff. After the debuff went I cleared all raid instances.

Of some note I successfully cleared 26 za bear run pugs during TBC (I considered a group with 4+ guilds a pug) and still happily use my original za bear mount on my rogue to this day.

c.) Raiding experience – WotLK: (FOOTNOTE) I then switched my main to my paladin and played him for the entire time only playing a rogue on a friends account somewhat.

Cleared naxx level of content on 25 and pugged a 10 man meta raid ach outside of my guild (I still use my plauged proto drake to this day). During uld my naxx guild was unable to clear 25 man and I left them shortly after TOC came out. In the course of TOC I did mainly 10 mans clearing togc 10 multiple times with no wipes. Joined a couple of 25 man guilds during ICC cleared 10 man with the 5 or 10% buff (I can't recall which). Eventually killed 25 man though I DCed at the end thus losing the ach did 6 heroic kills in the next few weeks before quiting the xpac.

I also did every level on content playing a friends rogue on another account (very little on uld addmitingly). Naxx clears, Uld up to yogg, TOC clears, and ICC up to LK is all I accomplished on this toon.

d.) Raiding experience - Cataclysm:


--Cataclysm Easymodes(10 Man):


--Cataclysm Easymodes(25 Man):

11/12 - I have not killed akir on 25 man (4% wipe is as close as I have gotten).

--Cataclysm Hardmodes(10 Man):

13/13 - However all of these kills were made in patch 4.2

--Cataclysm Hardmodes(25 Man):

8/13 - The bosses I have downed at magmaw, atra, malo, chim, hafus, conclave, chogall, and sinestra.


I only raided 10 man in this tier

--Cataclysm Easymodes (10 man):


--Cataclysm Hardmodes(10 Man):


Heroic Shannox: Killed before the increased critical % on the raged raid member was increased.

Heroic Beth: Killed the week before her inital small nerf (I believe it was a 10% damage reduction).

Heroic Ryo: Killed before the nerfs.

Heroic Alys: Killed before nerfs.

Heroic Bal: Killed before large nerf but after the first blade was changed to always be a inferno blade.

Heroic Domo: Killed before nerfs.

Heroic Rag: Killed after the all bosses mid FL patch nerf.


--Cataclysm Easymodes (10 man): 8/8

Cleared in the first week

--Cataclysm Hardmodes(10 Man): 7/8

How did/do you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

I often turn to the MMO Champ forums and/or I make a post on the paladin forums about something I may not understand. Also I often go sites of high end guilds and read applications of the same class/spec as I. Sometimes unusual or cutting edge thoughts on theory can be found there where it doesn't get lost in the greater shuffle of major sites.

Please post a picture of your User Interface using the following website, with all relevant keybindings shown. If your UI does not convey all of your important keybindings, elaborate Please list your major mods (DBM, Big Wigs, etc).

I use my Hand spells with binds on my healbot.


What is your availability? Are you able to make all raid days and times? (Mon-Thurs, 7:30p-11:30p CST)

I am able to make all these times. I work a night shift at a hospital but it doesn't start until 2 AM PST.

How old are you? Do you consider yourself mature?

I am 23 years of age and yes I do consider myself a mature person. I enjoy being silly but not stupid in my more wild and carefree moments.

Tell us about yourself (job, school, lifestyle, etc):

I work as a Pharmacy Technician in Seattle, Washington. I'm a conservative person politically but I never get into that sort of thing in game. I enjoy weight lifting and thrashing bioware console games on the maximum settings. My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year and I have long hippy hair and dorky glasses. I will never take offense to any statements you may make in game obscene or not. I may however choose to pay almost no attention to you while you do, heh.

What do you expect from us?

A paid transfer as was the very upfront condition on my thread (in all caps in the title). I also want a stable guild that won't large numbers of main people quit, suddenly change schedule, switch to 25 mans, or have depressing and fun depriving raid leadership. This has been a rough expansion for me finding a stable guild. I would love to discover that your guild is the answer I'm looking for to finish cata and into MoP.

Why do we want you?

I make mistakes, many of them. However I can grow, change, and get better. I will never cause undue drama in your guild and you can count on me to be there with multiple specs (I play ret as well) or willing to sit out depending on what the guild needs.

Additional information:

This is a really bizarre and totally serious show that played in Britain during the 60's. I can't not laugh every time I see it. Don't ask how I found it youtube is a weird place when your surfing.

Please save and post a result from both of the following websites: Ping yourself from the Chicago Data Center for both.

Here are the tests I never tried adjusting the position but I believe I had it going to chicago. and

What is your Real ID contact information?


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