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Submitted on: Jan 06, 2012 at 06:21 AM
Race and Class
Human Priest
Please post a link to a recent WoL or equivalent of current raid content. If you do not provide parses, your application will be rejected.

Please, do not reject my apply, I do not have WoL, I'm a healer and I raid in Cataclysm just through of the LFR. I could not raid in my actual guild.

What is your preferred raiding spec? Please describe your Talent Point choices in detail. What glyphs do you use and why?

I really love to play as Holy, my build is basically the default Holy build. I'm following the guides of the website I just did some adjusts on my build and glyphs. I dont have the Lightwell glyph because actually, I don't raid with frequence. Just the LFR. But I'll change it if necessary. I'm using the Power Word: Shield Glyph because I cast it all the time on tank, even though I'm not Discipline.

Please describe your rotation/priority list in detail. Tanks: What is your rotation for maximum threat? When do you consider using your cool downs? Healers: What abilities do you use when you're tank healing? Raid healing? When do you use your cool downs?

Well, before the start begins, I send Power Word: Shield, Renew and Prayer of Mending. To both, raid and dungeon. Then:

IN DUNGEON: Then, when the fight begins, I keep casting Heal, and if the damage is too large, I cast Greater Heal to keep the tank life up or Flash Heal when he gets a critical damage. Holy Word: Serenity Is a usefull spell too. And I keep Renew always up on Tank as Power Word Shield and Prayer of Mending too.

IN RAID: I put my Lightwell down. If the group gets many AOE damage, I cast Holy Word: Sanctuary on the ground and cast Circle of Healing and keep casting Prayer of Healing as well.

What are your primary professions? Are they maxed? Why did you choose these professions?

My primary professions are Herbalism, 525, and Inscription, 525 too. I choose Inscription because the Felfire Inscription (130 Intellect, 25 Haste) is awesome and the glyphs are overpriced on AH. Herbalism, obviously, because I need a lot of herbs to leveling my Inscription.

Do you have Ventrilo?


How did you hear about us? Do you have any references within the guild?

I like to read about progressions, fights, etc... And I hear about your awesome progression not just now on Cata, but before on LK too. And in the BC.

Unfortunately, I don't have any references within the guild.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave? (Be specific):

Ancient Hysteria is my first guild here in Hellscream with this toon. It's a good guild, but I'm looking a different thing. For example, I tried to do some Randoms with the guild, several times. I announced in the /g with many lvl 85 players On and no one answered.

What is your current and previous raid experience? Please include prior characters, and be specific (ex. 15/15 Naxx, Sarth +3, ICC25 11/12 HM):

In the LK, I was doing ICC, but with another toon, on another realm. With my Priest, I'm doing DS via LFR. I've killed all bosses from there.

How did/do you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

As I said earlier, I use the Noxxic site to learn about Glyphs, Specs, Rotations, Builds. And I use Mr. Robot to know what Reforgs and gems I need to do on my equips. Oh, and Yes, I'm always looking for new information and future changes in my class.

Please post a picture of your User Interface using the following website, with all relevant keybindings shown. If your UI does not convey all of your important keybindings, elaborate Please list your major mods (DBM, Big Wigs, etc).

I'm actually using: DBM, Recount, HealBot, NPCScan and Atlas (To search cool itens to transmorgrification)

I'm not using keybinds, because HealBot solves all my problems.

Link to my UI:

What is your availability? Are you able to make all raid days and times? (Mon-Thurs, 7:30p-11:30p CST)

Yes, I'm able to make all raid days and times!

How old are you? Do you consider yourself mature?

23 years old. And, Yes, i'm a mature person.

Tell us about yourself (job, school, lifestyle, etc):

I don't have a job at the moment. I finished my high school. I love to cook, I'm thinking to study that and be a Chef or a Professor of History, I love old things!

What do you expect from us?

I really expect a good ambient, funny people, responsible people, mature people.

Why do we want you?

I'm a good player, not just in WoW, but in real life too... I'm not a fanatic, I'll not have a crazy moment because I lost a roll or because some good gear to me not dropped.

Additional information:

Please, let me show you that I can to be a good player on your guild. I really want to do part of you!

Please save and post a result from both of the following websites: Ping yourself from the Chicago Data Center for both.
What is your Real ID contact information?


Why did you give us a non english armory link
Sorry, my fault. I'll pay more attention in future. I'm really sorry.

Here is the armory link in english.
You say you use healbot to solve all your keybinding issues, but I imagine in there are somehow keybound to things, I'd be very interested in knowing what those are, or if you actually do leave things such as shadowfiend, hymns, leaps/utility spells to be clicked.

Do you find Herbalism to be a very useful profession to have?

Whats your favorite book?
Well, I just click on Shadowfiend in boss fights, my focus is always keep the party/raid members alive. I click in Hymn of Hope too... But I can try to make some keybinds if needed.

And herbalism is not useful, I'm thinking leveling JC because I have an alt (NE Hunter, and she is Mining/Engineer and she can provide the mats to leveling JC)

My favorite book? I love "The Lord of the Rings" (the complete set, not just the books that became film) and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Dan Brown have amazing books too.
Can we get a link to the toon that you mention on the other realm that you played during ICC?

But I stop with raids on this toon... I really don't like to tank raids...

But I stop with raids on this toon... I really don't like to tank raids...
Failed to provide a parse, does not have any experience in normal modes, does not keybind. Yeah.

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