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Submitted on: Jan 24, 2011 at 07:00 PM
Race and Class
Worgen Priest
Please post a link to a recent WoL or equivalent of current raid content:
What is your preferred raiding spec? Please describe your Talent Point choices in detail. What glyphs do you use and why?

I prefer Disc over holy. My normal spec for disc is not what I have now. I usually go the full cookie cutter build in Disc "Sadly i hate them" but i throw pts into Haste increase and or fiend while also grabbing divine fury for a reduced cast time on heal. The heal disc spec is usually what i use mainly to keep a shield up on the tank. Atm it is set to a smite spec i was referred to using by the GM for Halfus.

Primes - Penance, Shield, and Prayer....I used Penance and Shield as I should but Prayer is for the added AE healing I may have to do later on.
Majors: Pain Suppress, Decurse, and Inner Fire ..... PS is needed decurse is for added heals when i decurse and inner fire is for a fight if i take extra melee dmg.
Minors: Fiend, Levitate, Fade ......Fiend is needed....Levitate is mainly for free no reagents, and fade is reduc on cost.

Please describe your rotation/priority list in detail. Tanks: What is your rotation for maximum threat? When do you consider using your cool downs? Healers: What abilities do you use when you're tank healing? Raid healing? When do you use your cool downs?

Well this is a little hard to answer atm. Disc is broken so my guild doesnt let me do what I want. So I havent really experienced raiding as disc as of yet since WTLK.

I usually MT heal with HOLY on nefarion due to the needed AE healing in P2. If I were disc a shield everytime it is up regardless of rapture CD on the MT. Penance to keep the healing stack up and with my haste i get 5 ticks of renew but i use that only as needed due to mana cost. I use Heal to lower the Debuff from weakened soul and penance again to pop bubbles on tank and then shield again and heal once more. I PS when asked to do and bubble when a group or cluster is taking massive DMG.

What are your primary professions? Are they maxed? Why did you choose these professions?

Tailor and Enchanter.
Not Maxed atm.
Tailor for Enchants for cloaks and legs
Enchanting for Ring chants.

Do you have Ventrilo?


How did you hear about us? Do you have any references within the guild?

I initially was going to app to the guild back in June but you were not recruiting. So I apped to Celerity. Eterna is my reference in the guild. She and I are former guild mates I was a GM and she was a officer of the guild in early early BC.

What were your previous guilds and why did you leave? (Be specific):

I will list WTLK mainly for its the most recent version of the game. If you would like to know more I am willing to give more.

Vylos Vorol - Was GM and officers exploited guild bank and was asked to disban guild by a Game Master to resolve the bank issue.
Encore - Guild stopped showing interest in Hard Modes and stopped at HLK.
Celerity - Havent left but there is a massive recruiting phase going on and the lack of will from players to succeed is depressing. I can elaborate more if asked.

What is your current and previous raid experience? Be specific (ex. 15/15 Naxx, Sarth +3, ICC25 11/12 HM):

MC -Cleared On level
BWL -Cleared On Level
AQ20 - Cleared on Level
AQ40 - Cleared on Level
NAXX40 - Cleared on Level
Kara - Cleared on Level
SC - Cleared on Level (Pre-nerf)
TK - Cleared on Level (Pre-nerf)
HYJAL Cleared on Level
ZA - Cleared on Level
BT - Cleared on Level (Pre-nerf)
SWP - Muru (Pre-nerf)
NAXX25 - 15/15
ULduar - 14/14HM
TOC25 - 4/5HM
ICC25 - 11/12HM
RS - 2% HM :(
BWD - 5/6
TWB - 4/4 Normal
TFW - 1/2

Do you have prior raid experience with additional characters? If so, please list and elaborate.

Negative I have played priest from day one of Vanilla

How did/do you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

I learned the hard way unlike most people now days. Previously in vanilla we didnt have the luxury of EJ or MMOchamp or these other sites that teach players how to play. We learned through trial and error. And as much as EJ and MMO are helpful being set with the Vanilla method it hasnt really changed. Although lately I have had to adjust a bit and start looking at the new numbers.

Yes, I read patch notes and PTR notes and sometimes test both.

Please post a picture of your User Interface with all relevant keybindings shown.

Most binds wont look right i use a 3rd party binding program for my mouse :)

Please list all of the important mods that you use. What major raiding mod do you use? (Deadly Boss Mods, Big Wigs, etc?)

GRID (Custom Edition)

List the consumables you use for raids:

Well right now my guild provides all consumables so we use Flask of Draconic Mind, and the Lobster Feast. If I had to provide my own i would use Sagefish Head, and Flask of Draconic Mind, and swap between Inner Fire and Will.

What is your availability? Are you able to make all raid days and times? (Sun-Thurs, 7p-11p CST)

Yes that is 1 extra day then I currently raid but should have no issues. Unless school demands it I am a college student.

How old are you? Do you consider yourself mature?

23 as of January 26.

Tell us about yourself (job, school, lifestyle, etc):

I attend school full time. No job, I study for school alot and my major sometimes requires me to be at a meeting sometimes but its not a regular thing.

What do you expect from us?

A helpful understanding and fun group of people. Ive heard many things about PLAY some bad some good but I never give judgment until i meet people first.

Why do we want you?

Good question....Hard answer. You could want many things. A seasoned player, very spoken individual who likes to help and is very active in progressing the guild. I disect boss kills in WOL and such and look for mistakes I have made as others have as well to help improve overall progress. Currently Myself and 2 others in Celerity are disecting WOL and examining things we need to work on.

Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator? If answered no, will you be willing to get one if accepted to the guild?

YES, Never leave hoe without it

Additional information:

Will leave open to you for additional questions :) I can put alot of things here but I think i posted much of everything.



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