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Submitted on: Feb 03, 2009 at 07:02 PM
Race and Class
Draenei Mage
What is your preferred raiding spec?

0/53/18 frostfire spec

Do you have Ventrilo?


Do you consider yourself mature? How old are you?

yes i do. I am 31 years young.

Do you have any references within the guild?


What are your professions? Are they maxed?

tailoring and enchanting. no they are not maxed out

Previous Guilds:

blackflag and fusion. both on korialstrasz.
I was an officer in Fusion.

What is your raid experience? Be specific (ex. 5/5 MH, 9/9 BT):

all of mh / ssc / tk / and 8/9 bt
up to twins in swp

Do you have prior raid experience with additional characters? If so, please list and elaborate.

all mentioned above on my paladin minus swp

How did you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

i read ej forums occasionally and other mages that i am friends with on current server.. we all share info on how to maximize dps and efficiency

What mods do you use for raids?

decursive, bigwigs, x-perl , and omen

List the consumables you use for raids:

flask of the frost wyrm and +46 spellpower food


can meet required raid times 99.9% of the time unless work requires me to work late.

Tell us about yourself:

I am just a normal guy.. I like golf , booze , women, wow, and am prety easy to get along with. I don't take any b/s though. I do like to joke and play when it's appropriate and can be serious when it's time to be serious as well. I play this game to raid... not run alts through dm or stockades.... and If i make a friend or 2 along the way... great!

What do you expect from us?

A stable, mature raiding environment that will allow me to see and clear all current and future content with a close knit team of raiders.

Have you read the guild's rules & policies?



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