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Submitted on: Feb 02, 2009 at 07:42 AM
Race and Class
Draenei Shaman
What is your preferred raiding spec?

Elemental, it's what I have played since Petraeus got me into the game.

Do you have Ventrilo?

Yes (However no mic)

Do you consider yourself mature? How old are you?

I am 23 years of age, and will be 24 in March, and I do consider myself mature.

Do you have any references within the guild?

I do not, I have joined as a friends and family rank under Petraeus, but was told to App so I could have a chance to raid with you all =)

What are your professions? Are they maxed?

Just Mining and Skinning, and neither are maxed. When we were levleing since I was new to the game Petraeus (My Fiance) wanted us to level and not have me worry about that. I need to spend some time and go back and finish both of them, or drop 1 for a real profession.

Previous Guilds:

Requiem Illas

What is your raid experience? Be specific (ex. 5/5 MH, 9/9 BT):

Karazahn - Cleared
Gruul's Lair - Cleared
Magtheridon - Cleared
SSC - Cleared
TK - Cleared
Hyjal - 4/5
BT - I wasn't geared enough for BT, I was behind on gear because by the time I hit 70 I didn't have the chance to gear up enough.

Do you have prior raid experience with additional characters? If so, please list and elaborate.

I do not.

How did you learn about your class mechanics? Do you remain updated on changes?

Petraeus teaches me, and he researches and keeps himself up to date and then teaches me new specs during changes, etc.

What mods do you use for raids?

Deadly Boss Mods

List the consumables you use for raids:

Flask of the Frostwyrm
Spell Power Food


4 Nights a week, 5 nights may be too many.

Tell us about yourself:

I live with Petraeus here in Maryland, I graduated from Salisbury University almost 2 years ago with a Batchelor's in Marketing, and Financial Planning. I started playing this game with Petraeus, and really enjoy it. BC I was constantly behind because I got level 80 after people were in BT and Sunwell, this time I am up to speed and have raided all the content thus far. We have not downed Malygos, but we have cleared every other boss in Requiem Illas.

What do you expect from us?

I don't expect anything, I just want to raid with people who are hopefully friendly people and enjoy myself. I hope that the guild will enjoy my stay, as I enjoy my own stay within the guild.

Have you read the guild's rules & policies?




hmmmm.... backup status? Worth a tryout in raids but don't want expectations to be so high that it upsets Petraeus if she gets sat out a lot or doesn't quite make member.
We already carry people. What's one more?
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