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Model Editing

Okay, so I've tried my hand at editing again after a while. Been working on my own, but found this fantastic one on another site, author is Zilem.What it does: Changes NElf body to BElf/HElf body, but keeps skin color, tattoos, hair....Is this ban...
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Fishing Up Lurker!

An old friend of mine made this video back when we were first learning Lurker. The sound was disabled because of copyright issues but man... f that boss:Link to the song he originally had in it:Good stuff.Edit: Wow, when you link videos from yout...
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Ulduar Difficulty Adjustments

Hard not to agree with Ciderhelm on this one:
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In honor if the 1st of May...

Jonathan Coulton is an extremely talented musician known for the Portal ending theme, and the theme to the show Code Monkeys on G4, the greatest song about zombies ever, as well as many WoW machinima vids crawling all over the youtubes.This song i...
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Happy Ending!

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Every boss in the game (other 5 parts are linked in the authors comment)6 Part vid (for you nostalgic types). Shows brief footage of every boss fight, even obscure quest bosses.
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fancy sauce
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Best video ever

For those that haven't seen it, thought I should share.
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How to link like a pro!

The tooltips available for LOTRO have been changed from to the official site, change means along with item tooltips, there is now tooltips for quests, skills, deeds, and more! Here are a few examples: 1....
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Oh My Dog!

It always cracks me up when I watch those!
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Happy Birthday Rizky Bear!

Hey girl, another year passes and another 18th birthday is upon us. Happy lucky number 7th 18th birthday!!! It's like you get younger every year! Or stay the same age. One of those. But anyways, the unicorn is being shipping in from Guatemala...
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Pygmy Suckerfish

I have been fishing quite a bit these last few days and have almost 1k pygmy suckerfish that I dont need and they are taking up too much room in my guild bank. So if anyone needs some just sent my bank toon in-game mail (Namenottaken). Don't wan...
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Farming Mounts

I am looking for somone that would like to run ZG each reset for shots at the raptor and Tiger mounts. Looking for a DPSer that can tank the bosses. I want to keep the run small no more than three people. Also would be interested in hitting up ...
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I don't have any golf shoes.

I don't play golf.
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Bot Fly

So I knew abou tthis before, but I just watched some freaky ass videos on youtube about them AND FUCK IF I'M EVER GOING TO PARAGUAY. but yeah has anyone ever had one?
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Plays WoW! AFK recruiting..
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Snuggie Rap

LinkLOL "Take a picture trick, I wear a Snuggie bitch!"
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Pretty Much Amazing

LinkBest dancing ever
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