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The following is a guideline every member must adhere to:


1. Know Your Class.

Every class, and more specifically specs, is in a constant state of evolution. Keep up to date through WoW's built in class forums,,, etc. Proper spec, enchanting, gems, and glyphs are required and will be strictly enforced. There will be no exceptions unless it is deemed, by the officers, legitimate and beneficial to the guild. COMMUNICATE with your fellow guild mates and discuss class mechanics in order to maximize your potential. We need you to be at your best. Nothing less.

2. Know Your Role Leaders.

Guild Master/Riad Leader: Jumpingbear
Officers: Bish, Prowls, Thinks

There are no class leaders. We have role leaders:

Raid Lead
Tank Lead
Melee DPS Lead
Ranged DPS Lead
Healer Lead

Upon entering the guild, you are expected to have a steady line of communication with your respected Lead. Of course, you are welcome to approach Jumpingbear or any officer with any concerns or questions you may have, but your best bet for a straight answer is from your Lead.

3. Come Prepared.

There is NO leeway here. Consumables, reagents, boss strategies. Simple. We are all human, we are flawed by nature. Understandably so, we all make mistakes. Repeated mistakes, however, will not be tolerated. This leads to boots from raids, future loss of raid invitations, and perhaps even a guild removal.

Certain mods are required and must be up to date. These can be found in our download section for easy access to you. No excuse is acceptable for coming to raid without them.

4. Attitude.

We will not tolerate bitches, whiners, instigators (drama queens), or any type of negative attitude that will otherwise upset the balance of this guild. So check the attitude at the door. We are all on the same team. You will be removed from the guild if we deem it necessary.

We expect a good attitude no matter what you are asked to do. If we plan something or ask you to do something, there is a reason we are doing it. Every decision we make is to better the guild.

The way you present yourself is a reflection of not only you but of the guild itself. We expect you to be mature and respectful when socializing with everyone within the guild and, more importantly, fellow people on this server. Good server standing with its guilds and members is important to us. This relationship is reciprocal: we help them and they help us.

In <Play> we do not allow forum trolling, trade chat trolling, general chat trolling (while raiding). If you find any of this "fun," this is not the guild for you.

5. Loot.

25 man raid:
There is no DKP system. We run a Loot Council consisting of the officers. Loot is distributed as we see fit. As such, it will ALWAYS be in the best interest of the guild and progression. We do NOT play favorites. Loot will always be handed to those that best benefit the raid.

Variables that come into play for this are:
1. Attendance
2. Role i.e. tanks and healers may have priority
3. General Performance (survivability, proper enchants/gems/glyphs, meters do count for something)

If you have a question or a personal issue as to why an item was distributed to a certain person, save it for AFTER the raid. We will gladly explain our reasoning.

10 man raid:
Loot Council will be in effect as it pertains to upgrades for our tanks/healers. As time passes, this will change as the gear in said instance becomes irrelevant for progression. When this comes to pass, the Raid Leader may choose to change the loot system to Free Roll. This will be announced at the beginning of the raid.

Off Spec Items:
No items will be disenchanted unless absolutely no one desires to receive it. As such, the order of which off spec items will be distributed:

Raid Off Spec (you actually raid with this spec from time to time for the guild)
Off Spec

If a member is constantly required to change their spec to benefit the raid, they have priority on loot over a member that wishes to acquire an item for purposes outside of raids. For example, a Prot Paladin constantly asked to respec Holy, will have priority on healing gear over a Retribution Paladin who raids only as Retribution. If you wish to suggest utilizing one of your off specs for raids, we will certainly listen to ideas/thoughts you have to improve the raid.

6. Raid Schedule.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 7:30pm - 11:30pm CST (invites at 7:15pm)

We expect you online and on vent at 7:15pm ready to raid.

There is a chance raids will exceed the allotted time in the event we are pushing for a guild first kill. If this is or can become a problem, please let an officer know. We require you to maintain AT LEAST an 80% raid attendance over 30 days, but expect close to 100% if you want priority on loot and invites.

7. Alternate Characters.

We understand you may want an alt or alts in other guilds, and that is perfectly fine with us, but for absolutely no reason will we tolerate you missing one of our scheduled raids so that you can raid content on your alt with another guild. If we find you are doing/have done so, immediate action will be taken. With that said, once we have content on farm status and we feel that substituting alternate characters into the raid will not hinder our performance, we will do so with scheduled alternate raids. We will only have alt raids when we have extra time in the week and/or off nights.

We do allow "legit" alts in the guild that you intend to level or have leveled. We do perform "maintenance" and remove any and all alts that have not been touched in a matter of weeks. It causes confusion and needless clutter in our roster.

8. Blizzard Authenticator

We ask that you please invest the small sum of money to purchase an authenticator. $6 guarantees you will not be hacked. It is a small price to pay to insure your account's safety. We enforce this rule because a hacked account puts that player out of commission for several days and can hinder progression.

9. Connection/Computer

We expect you to have a solid gaming computer with a stable connection. If you tend to DC a lot do not bother applying. If you are causing a problem with DC's we will take necessary action; whether it be sitting for an encounter or removal from the raiding roster.

We realize World of Warcraft is a game and as such should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone playing. If the environment and structure we provide is something that interests you, please fill out an application. Once we receive your application we will review it and contact you in game or via e-mail. If you have any questions please contact any of the officers in game. Serious inquiries only.
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